Grand Master Jae J Kang

Grand Master Kang,as one of Korea's premier Poomsae Instructors, Coaches, and Athletes has had unparalleled success in creating championship athletes.  With 50 years of training in Taekwondo, and over 40 years of teaching, he now brings his experience and teaching skills to Miracles USA.

  • 2017 U.S Open Gold Medalist

  • 2012 7th WTF World Taekwondo Poomsae Championship: Best Coach Award

  • 2010 Korea Open 2nd Master Division:  Gold Medalist

  • Coaching of Top Taekwondo Poomsae Athletes:

         - Su Ji Kang: 2010-2013 WTF Poomsae World Champion
         - Hyumnin Lee: 2012 WTF Poomsae World Champion
         - Jongshik Lee, Hanseul Park, & Yangun Park: 2013 Korea                   National Poomsae team, and 2013 Asia Junior Poomsae                     Championship Silver Medalists.


  • Education: 

         - B.A Law, Korea National Open University
         - B.A Taekwondo, Kyung Hee Sports University
         - Masters in Sports Science, Kyung Hee University
         - 9th degree Black Belt. Kukkiwon Certified.

Master Suji  Kang

Master Suji Kang remains the most decorated Tae Kwon Do poomsae athlete in the world, with 4 World Taekwondo Federation (WTF)Titles to her name. 

  • ​2010-2013 WTF World Poomsae Championship:  Gold Medalist.

  • Korea Open Championship: 4 time Gold medalist

  • World University Games (Universiade): Gold Medalist.

  • Asian Taekwondo Championshio: Gold Medalist

  • Over 50 time Korean National Champion at various levels.

         - Training of Hyun-Min Lee, WTF Poomsae World Champion
         - Trained over 20 Korean national champions.

  • Education:

         - BA Taekwondo, Korean National Sports University

         - 5th degree Black Belt. Kukkiwon Certified.

Master Suhan Kang

Master Suhan Kang is a former Captain of the World Famous Korean K-Tigers demonstration team and a successful demonstration and poomsae athlete in his own right.

  • Kyung-Ki State Cup Poomsae: 2 time Gold Medalist, Team

  • World Taekwondo Hanmadang Poomsae Competition: 2 time Gold Medalist, Team

  • Yong In University National Poomsae Competion: Gold Medalist

  • Woo-Suk University National Poomsae Competion: Gold Medalist

  • Demonstration: Beijing World Taekwondo Championship

  • Demonstration: India-Korea Sport Festival, New Delhi

         - Training of Michael Couloucoundis, 2014 and 2015 USA                     Taekwondo National Champion, Poomsae and US team                      member.

  • Education:

​          - BA in Business, Farleigh Dickinson University

          - Master's Candidate in Sports Administation, Fairleigh                          Dickinson University.

          - 5th degree Black Belt. Kukkiwon Certified.

Master Sumin Kang

Master Sumin Kang is a 5 time National Champion in Korea and also a former member of the K-Tigers Demonstration Team. 

He has been training over 18 years and has 10 years of teaching students. 


He is a 5th degree Black Belt, Kukkiwon Certified.

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